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UHMS Foundation is committed to preparing the next generation to be competitive candidates as they enter the workforce. Through one-on-one job training, placement and retention initiatives we will ensure that participants are able to successfully attain and maintain the employment best suited for their individual aptitudes and aspirations.

Furthermore, we will provide guidance and community-based supportive services to assist participants in acquiring a stable living situation while preparing for the ultimate goal of home ownership. We will accomplish these goals by developing a dynamic and cutting edge training program in collaboration with local government, civic and private partners.

Our goal, in partnership with CCDC, is to offer certification courses in areas such as:

IT/Computer Repairs

Billing and Coding




In 2011, UHMS Foundation established the Kaufman Newman Mattsson Memorial Scholarship in memory of Harold Kaufman, MD, Idella Newman and Ake Mattsson, MD for their years of dedication and service. The purpose of this scholarship is to alleviate the financial hardships our youth may experience while working toward educational and vocational goals.

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